March Newsletter

March 2018


Dear Members


The Green will be opened for the season on Saturday 21st April 2018

Opening day is open to all members; those members wishing to take part should be in the Clubhouse not later than 2:00pm.

Please add your name to the list on the Club notice board by Sunday 15th April to allow the catering to be ordered. Cost of meal still to be confirmed.

The annual subscription of £150 on all Category A members, £25 on all Category G members and £10 on all Category J (Junior) & £75 on all New Members as passed at the recent AGM.

All Category members’ Annual Subscriptions must be paid by 31st March in accordance with Club Rule 6.

Please let me know if your address or telephone number has recently changed and your e – mail address if you have one.

On behalf of President Scott Rogers  and his  Committee may I take this opportunity to wish you a successful and enjoyable season.


Yours sincerely


Raymond Richards