The senior section originally came into being at a meeting of interested parties held on Wednesday 11th April 1984. Willie McLagan chaired the inaugural meeting and was later appointed Captain of the Section, ably assisted by George Smith and John McKenzie as Secretary and Treasurer respectively. Charlie Whiteman and Campbell Guthrie completed the committee which set to work to arrange fixtures with similar bodies from neighboring clubs and also to provide extra leisure activities for retired members. At a later date the Senior Section became members of the Edinburgh Seniors League and have played in it for some years with a marked degree of susses. The Section also runs domestic competitions for its members, which a vigorously contested, retaining the old Craigentinny Pot-Hunter tradition. The Senior Section have an annual friendly game with the Ladies Section which can be best described as a genteel war. No quarter is given or asked for, all shots are carefully measured and conceded grudgingly and ay lucky shots gained by either side are treated with complete derision! Over the years the Ladies have always referred to their opponents as the “Auld Men” in spite of the fact that some of their own number have seen many moons. It would seen to be a remarkable paradox that there are Auld Men but no Auld Women.
Seniors League & Cup Winners 2016