Craigentinny Bowling Club was established in 1896.

Since the early records of Craigentinny bowling Club were lost in a fire which ravaged the Clubhouse in 1950 we can do no better than quote from an account of the Clubs Jubilee Celebrations which appear in the “Edinburgh Evening News ” in 1946 and which accurately traced the  club’s beginnings from 1896. The account was so impressive in its excellent content and presentation, that it was decided to use it in its entirety in our Centenary Brochure. Permission to use this article was readily granted by the “News” editor, who was further able to confirm that the account was indeed written by George Terris, a member and Past President of our Club and one time Sports Editor of the “Edinburgh Evening news”.It is our good fortune that the writings of a late member should provide a detailed and authentic record of the Clubs`s beginnings,which may well have been lost forever.

George Terris wrote as follows “Discontent is the spur that frequently shapes events large and small”. The launching of a new bowling club is a small thing in its way, it was the urge for something better that brought the progenitor of the Craigentinny Bowling Club into being.There were grumbles about the state of Corporations Regent Road green in the late nineties and a number of players who frequented it, decided that the one way to secure the conditions they desired was to acquire a green of their own.

They do not appear to have wasted much time on talk and after an unsuccessful quest for a piece of ground at Croft-an-Righ, they took to the heights and Parsons Green Bowling Green came into being in 1896, at the back of a big mansion house which gave the Club its name. Three rinks were laid out to begin with and three were added after a couple of year, so the Club was already firmly on it feet. Then the question of lease arose and a hint that the move for a new green was contemplated, was contained in the minutes of a special meeting of the members held in November 1905, when Mr.(late Councelor) Moscrip submitted a report regarding a suitable site west of Craigentinny Mausoleum , just off Portobello Road.

The decent from the breezy slopes of Queens Park was agreed upon , subject to certain preparatory work being undertaken by the superiors of the Craigentinny  Estate. Terms were ultimately  arranged and after numerous meetings concerned with financial commitments of the move, the green and its accessories were sold to the Postal Bowling Club in 1907. Work at the new green  at Craigentinny had meantime been going ahead and it was formally opened on Saturday 2nd May 1908 by the late Baillie (later Sir Alexander) Stevenson, S,B,A. President that year. A  change of hame brought a change name, Parsons Green becoming Craigentinny Bowling Club, about a month before the opening ceremony – three die-hards voting against the altered nomenclature.

The authenticity of George Terris`s writing in the “Edinburgh Evening new”, is further substantiated by an excerpt from the Post Bowling Clubs minutes which state – “in 1908 the Club took over the the present private green  from Parsons Green Bowling Club, who had moved to Craigentinny to be reconstituted as the Craigentinny Bowling Club.”

Unfortunately the only tangible memento left from the Club`s early days is the Parsons Green Bowling Club Championship Cup presented by Harry G. Younger in 1897. This cup was in constant use until 1963 sadly there was no more space left to inscribe winners names and a new Champions Cup was purchased.